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Dr. Seshni Moodliar is a consultant psychiatrist who has specialized in Adults with Learning disabilities. She’s been involved in CASC teaching since her first book Pass the Casc was published in  2012. Her books are used by Psychiatrists, trainees, associate specialists and doctors  in UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, Malta, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong , Spain, Portugal, Greece, US, Medina, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Scotland, Ireland,  Wales and many other countries worldwide. She continues to receive good positive feedback worldwide and praise for her contribution to psychiatric teaching in CASC.
Dr. Moodliar has also teaching website Passthecasccourse which has online video tutorials and interviews which will also assist psychiatrists in passing the CASC exam. She continues to do 1:1 coaching and online CASC training to psychiatrists worldwide.

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About Pass the CASC January 2019-

The new CASC exam format was introduced by the Royal College of Psychiatrists in January 2018. The new format is now 16 stations which are all 7 minutes duration and similar to the previous OSCE exams.
The aim of this book is to reflect the recent exam changes and to assist psychiatrists in passing their CASC exam. This should be used in conjunction with Dr. Seshni Moodliar’s PASS THE CASC book which has also been updated to reflect exam changes.

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If you would like to know more about pass course, please give us a call on +44 7828029640 or send us an email


I truly believe that the PASS the CASC book will help candidates pass their CASC exams. I should say this is a must have book. The contents are easy to understand. Almost every single station which appears in the real exam is present in the book. It did not only help me to pass the CASC but is also helping me in my day to day practice.  Thank you Dr Moodliar for producing such an informative, concise and well absorbable book. Your effort is greatly appreciated.
Dr. Hanif Soomro -UK who passed the January 2018 New CASC Exam

One of the most popular books is Pass the CASC by Dr. Seshni Moodliar. This has a list of all the stations that have previously come up and is a good way to map out your revision. The content is comprehensive.
Passing the MRCPsych -an insiders guide – the second edition updated 2017 by the members of the PTC of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.


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