The Videos are of all the Stations and Scenarios that have appeared in the January 2018 Exams

1. General Adult Psychiatry

Depression History (18/1/2018 A)


Dissociative Stupor Management (18/1/2018 M)


Overdose Risk Assessment (16/1/2018 A)

Deliberate Self Harm

Lithium and Management (19/1/2018 M)

Electroconvulsive therapy ECT (18/1/2018 M)

Bipolar Affective Disorder -Mania (16/1/2018 A)

Lithium -Explanation (19/1/2018 M)

Postman Psychosis ( 17/1/2018 M)

Psychosis -Assessment Barcode 666 (16/1/2018 A)

Auditory Hallucinations (19/1/2018 A)

Schizophrenia Inheritance (19/1/2018 M)

Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome NMS (18/1/2018)

Panic Attacks ( 19/1/2018 A)

PTSD (16/1/2018 M)

Frontal Lobe Examination (16/1/2018)

Psychosis -Go on Leave (18/1/2018)

Agitated Depression-Delusions of Guilt (19/1/2018 A)

Agitated Depression -Delusions of Poverty

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD (16/1/2018 A)

Outpatient Review Schizophrenia (19/1/2018 M)

Violence Risk Assessment (17/1/2018)

Aspergers History

Financial Capacity (17/1/2018 A)

Aspergers and Psychosis (16/1/2018)

New CASC exam January 2018 UK 16-19 th January

Day 1 Morning

1 Forensic patient
Patient in prison has psychotic symptoms
2 Aspergers with psychosis
3 Mania
4 Transference
5 Vascular dementia history from carer
6 Refeeding syndrome
7 Qtc prologation
8 Anti dementia medication


Day 1 Afternoon

1 Psychosis Bar code 666
2 Mania
3 OCD postpartum
4 Overdose in PD
6 Cranial nerves Cranial nerves 578
Brief history
7 Old age with destitute belief and bonfire
8 Frontal lobe

Day 2 Morning

1 History taking LD
3 Transference
4 Qtc prologation
7 Hypochondriasis
8 Refeeding syndrome

Day 2 Afternoon

1 Psychotic depression
2 Parietal lobe function
3 Hyperprolactameia and management
4 Epse management and exam
5 Postman and paranoid delusions
6 OD in bpd
7 Risk assessment
8 Financial assessment

Day 3 Morning

2 History taking BDD
3 NMS explanation
4 History taking LD
5 Agitated mother systematic desensitisation
6 Late onset Alzheimer’s
7 Dementia genetic testing
8 Dissociative stupor explanation and management

Day 3 Afternoon

1 indecent exposure with depression
2 LL neurology exam
3 Postman with paranoid delusions
4 Vascular dementia
5 Hyperprolactaemia explanation and mx
6 History taking depression
7 Risk Assessment in psychotic patient for leave
8 Alcohol dependency history

Day 4 Morning

1 Schizophrenia and concerns inheritance
2 Lithium
3 Prisoner refusing surgery assess capacity
4 Morbid jealousy needs admission. Talk to partner not consenting
5 Opiate dependence history taking
6 Alzheimer’s dementia concerns inheritance
7 Systematic desensitisation and explanation agoraphobia
8 Mse outpatient review of with schizophrenia

Day 4 Afternoon

1 Od risk Assessment requesting discharge
2 Agitated depression mse
3 Cognitive assessment for vascular dementia
4 Schizophrenia mse heard threatening voices
5 Schizophrenia risk assessment before leave
6 Thyroid exam
7 ADHD history

Singapore 16 May 2018
Stations in session

Session 1

1. Hypochondriasis – explain diagnosis, etiology, discuss its impact on his relationship with partner and explain management with partner
2. Mental state examination of a patient with schizophrenia -OPD review
3. Autistic spectrum disorder with schizophrenia discuss change in behavior and factors that may have precipitated it
4. Morbid Jealousy – talk to partner and explain the reason why he needs admission
5. Lewy body dementia -discuss management with grandson
6. Explain agoraphobia and systematic desensitization to patient
7. QTc prolong took – explain echo history of symptoms and risk factors and management
8. NMS talk to mother

Session 2

1. Mania -MSE and formulate diagnosis
2. Overdose -explore current Overdose, background factors assess risk and need for admission
3. Cognitive examination with a focus on frontal line
4.OCD in pregnancy – history and how it is affecting her
5. Capacity assessment -finances and explain the result of your assessment to patient
6. Assess risk – inpatient with schizophrenia who wants to go on leave -intenfing to jump in river sec to delusions
7. Lower limb examination
8. Psychotic depression – guilty about not putting the Father’s name on certificate

Singapore Casc 17/5/18

Session 1

1. Anti dementia discussion
2. Dissociative stupor mx
3. Capacity of EUPD patient refusing surgery.
4. Agoraphobia and SD explanation
5. Lithium explanation
6. QTc prolongation
7. Schizophrenia OPD-MSE
8. Opioid history

Session 2

1. Mania – change case note
2. Schizophrenia wanted home leave
3. Overdose Risk assessment
6. Parietal lobe exam
7. Psychotic depression – delusion of poverty

2. Old Age

Vascular Dementia (16/1/2018 M)

Electroconvulsive Therapy ECT ( 17/1/2018 M)

Frontal Lobe Tests (16/1/2018)

Lewy Body Dementia (17/1/2018 M)

Alzheimer’s Treatment and Inheritance Risk (16/1/2018) and (19/1/2018 M)

Psychotic Depression-Bonfire

Indecent Exposure (18/1/2018 A)

3. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


ADHD history 18/1/2018 A)

4. Learning Disability Psychiatry

LD indecent exposure management (18/1/2018 A)

Epilepsy History (17/1/2018 M)

Self Injurious Behaviour

5. Forensic Psychiatry

Morbid Jealousy -Management

Violence Risk Assessment

Paedophile -History

6. Addiction Psychiatry

Opiate Dependence

Alcohol Dependence

Cannabis and Schizophrenia

7. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy CBT

Systematic Desensitisation


8. Eating Disorders

Refeeding Syndrome

9. Perinatal Psychiatry

Postpartum and OCD

Pregnancy and Risk to Baby

10. Examinations



Thyroid Examination

Frontal lobe tests


Alcohol Dependence -Cerebellar Exam

Cranial Nerves

Upper Limb Motor and Sensory


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