I truly believe Pass The CASC Course book  will help candidates in their first attempt. I should say this is a must have book. The contents are easy to understand. Almost every single station which appears in the real exam is present in the book. It did not only help me to pass the CaSC but is also helping me in my day to day practice. Thank you Dr Moodliar for producing such an informative, concise and well absorbable book. Your effort is greatly appreciated.

Dr Hanif Soomro -passed the January 2018 New CASC exam

DR RITU MITRA (Oxford Deanery)

Passed 16/16 stations -booked weekend course and attended private tuition in August 2014.I will definitely be recommending your work-think it really helped. Thank you so much for all your help!!

Dr. Gayathri K. Kumarasuriar (Malaysia-Amazon review-19 November 2014)
Being the first candidate from Malaysia to sit for the MRCPsych, I was a bit lost as to how to train myself for the CASC, until I discovered Pass The CASC. The book is very structured and a superb guide to the CASC . It is written in such a way that makes ones revision a dream, simple and jargon-less. Pertinent points that are included gives the candidate an idea on how to approach the cases which are based on past year questions. I applied the format written in the book to my everyday practice at work. This helped me pass all 16 stations at my first attempt. I highly recommend this book, the CASC bible, to any candidates planning to sit for the CASC.

Your book Pass The CASC and course is a life saver. Thank you ever so much-Dr Gayathri Kumarasuriar

Dr SinmiAkerele(London deanery)
Purchased book and atttendedcourse.Your book really really helped….it gave me an idea of the exam. You are such a blessing. You are so amazing.Thank you so so much!!

Dr Sadaf Mufti (Eastern deanery)
Attended mock exams, tuition, courses , mock exam and purchased book. I have passed this exam. Thanks ever so much for your support over the years!!

Amazon review and email -Dr Fiona Cooper
I used this book and I found it useful for my exams. I found the book really helpful, and I think it was the difference between passing and failing on a few stations! Not only have I passed first time (yay!), but I’ve been invited to teach on our local training programme’s MRCPsych course, which I’m thrilled about – and I’ll recommend your book, of course.

Dr Gagan Rajpal -Amazon Review
I would like to give feed back for your book. I found the book very useful. I would like to describe it as ‘Bible’ for CASC. It is ‘one stop place’ for material for CASC. I feel that the book has covered most of the stations. The information is compact and easy to read and remember. The list of all previous stations is very useful. This is opportunity to save time in collecting the material and start studying. It worked for me and I passed and I wish it helps other candidates.Other important thing was support from you Seshni who is writer of this book which I found very useful. The CASC mock exam was an opportunity to reflect on my skills and improve on them.Thanks again.

Dr Nagendra Bendi
Thank you , I passed. I have recommended your book as the most number of casc stations.

Thank you for all your support.

Dr Sweta Anand-LONDON
Thank you for your very kind wishes and support. By God’s grace i passed.

Dr John Bainton
Thank you so much for all your help.

Dr Amala Vinotha Abraham-NOTTINGHAM
Thank you very much for all your help. I have passed.

Dr Natasha Gupta-LONDON
Thanks allot Seshni. Your last copy did bring me goodluck. I passed. Thanks again for sending it.

Dr SalwanJajawi-BIRMINGHAM
I passed. Many thanks for your support and your book. I passed due to your help.

Dr Rebecca Marriot-LONDON
Thank you.

Dr Asha Mashru-LONDON
Thank you . You are such a lovely person.

Dr Laxmi Navakotti-LIVERPOOL
Thank you. I passed.

I am 100% sure your course helped me pass. I will recommend it to all my colleagues.

Hi Seshni,
I will certainly pass this on to other trainees that are planning to take CASC.
The book was extremely useful, in fact invaluable to myself and my study group. Obviously we are waiting for results, so fingers crossed, but your book certainly helped us to be as best prepared as we could be.

Thank you, and it will be my pleasure to recommend this to my colleagues.

First time I read this book in my hospital library and couldn’t resist reading it up to 100 pages in few hours. I was impressed with the format of the book. This is an amazing collection of all the latest CASC stations discussed just in the way you would ask questions from the patients and their relatives. The language is lucid and of the standard of royal college exam. I strongly believe that after this book you don’t need any other resource to prepare this exam. It definetely gives an excellent booster to our communication skills in the clinical setting as well.

Dr SarfarasShora-LEEDS
“On the first glance I am very impressed and in future it might become a ‘one stop book’ not only for CASC but for all psychiatry trainees at different levels of training. The layout of the book in various sections, ICD10 criteria, medication lists, Nice guidelines, detailed information for patients/carers as well as ‘Smartsesh’ are very impressive as it is difficult to find all the above in one book arranged in such a manner. It will save a lot of time as the information needed for CASC as well as day to day practice is condensed in one book.
There is a proverb in hindi/urdu which goes as ‘Aapne Sagar/Samundar Ko Gagar/Kuzay Mein Band Kiya Hai’ meaning that you have been successful to condense a sea into a pot.” 

Dr Gordon Hyde (Australia)
A must have book, Amazon 5 star review :12 April 2012
By Gordon Hyde This review is from: Pass the CASC for MRCPsych (Paperback)
“This is an excellent book for everyone who is preparing the psychiatry fellowship exam. It is a very concise but does cover a broad spectrum of psychiatric subspecialties, as well as general psychiatry. There is a wealth of information on a variety of topics likely to be encountered on the exam. The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists recently changed the format of the OSCE exam and the exam is now similar to the UK CASC exam. This book will be valuable tool for anyone sitting the new RANZCP OSCE format as well. Highly recommended.”    

4.0 out of 5 stars Very Useful, 27 Mar 2012 
See all my reviewsThis review is from: Pass the CASC for MRCPsych (Paperback) a fantastic book; a very good book for pre and post CASC. A must have tool in your tool kit.

5.0 out of 5 stars Very useful, 20 Sep 2012
By Yasir – See all my reviewsThis review is from: Pass the CASC for MRCPsych (Paperback) 
One of the most essential and useful books for the CASC. Many other books are written about CASC but this one has the advantage of being written from a trainee prospective and it focuses on essential items in each station which makes it perfect for intensive revision or even to adopt it as your guide in a group revision.

It is a must have book for any trainee sitting this exam.

5.0 out of 5 stars Pass the CASC for MRCPsych; Author Dr SeshniMoodliar, 19 Sep 2012
By Dr Moe Htay – See all my reviewsAmazon Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Pass the CASC for MRCPsych (Paperback)
Thanks to Dr Moodliar for writing this book, which is very precise, well structured, and MRCPsych CASC exam oriented book. It covers the CASC scenarios, both single and linked stations, under General Adult Psychiatry and various psychiatric specialities. The topics are focused on the previous and most recent examination questions including physical and cognitive examination stations. In addition, a list of past CASC exam stations are very useful for the exam preparation and last minute revision. The book helped me to have the structure of a different task of the examination questions in my mind, for example, history taking, mental state examination, risk assessment, etc.

After reading this book, you will feel that how amazing it is and how you have improved in your communication skills; most importantly your confidence to approach the different clinical scenarios under the time frame at your MRCPsych CASC exam.

5.0 out of 5 stars Solid preperation, 17 Sep 2012
By SP – See all my reviewsThis review is from: Pass the CASC for MRCPsych (Paperback)
This book has proved a very useful addition to my arsenal in my battle to defeat the dreaded 16 headed beast that is CASC!
There is a lot of material in the book but it seems well thought out to enable solid preperation for the exam.
Exhaustive lists of past questions, numerous scenarios covered under each section with seemingly every conceivable question to elicit a response from the patient covered and best of all, very useful and concise study materials to refresh memory interspersed through out the book.
Useful as a starting point or as a booster towards the end.

5.0 out of 5 stars Comprehensive,useful and applicable, 17 Sep 2012
By Chris Green – See all my reviewsThis review is from: Pass the CASC for MRCPsych (Paperback)
I have got this book when I decided to take my 8th CASC attempt.I used to feel frustrated when I sit for preparation to know what I can do differently to pass the exam.I am really impressed by this book because it covers all CASC stations came up in the Royal college sofar.This book differs from the rest in that it uses simple questioning style to elicit the various phenomena and helps to have a clear structure in mind to approach individual stations.I did not find other books or course materials to help in preperation with such a simple narrative style.This book covers how to set the opening scene neatly on various occasions,cover the salient aspects of the task without wasting time and conclude smoothly.It also helps to prepare and approach using a biopsychosocial model whilst eliciting the history,etiology and planning the management.
I wish I had this book earlier.I would strongly recommend this to anyone who are taking this formidable exam which demands to do the assessment in such a short time.This is the best book available to pass this difficult exam.

Dr Dane Rayment
CT3 in Liaison Psychiatry, CAMBRIDGE
I attended the CASC MOCK EXAM course, as a CT3 sitting my CASC for the first time.I found it incredibly well organised – it was so similar to the actual CASC that I felt like I was resitting! The stations covered were broad and challenging. The best thing about the experience was the feedback- a lot of time and effort was put into giving very good written andoral feedback from every examiner on every station – this is obviouslysomething you don’t get in the real thing! It’s a great chance to spot mistakes and get an idea of what you need to sharpen up on, rather than making your mistakes in Sheffield and setting you back another thousand pounds!
I couldn’t recommend this event any more highly, and it contributed a great deal to me passing the CASC first time.

Dr Ian Rowbotham-CAMBRIDGE
‘I attended Dr Moodliar’s Mock CASC in Cambridge. I do not think I would have passed the real CASC 12 days later, without first having my strengths and weaknesses highlighted by her expert and enthusiastic team. That Mock was the crucial factor, the friendly but critical immediate feedback showing me where improvement was needed.’

Dr A Kumar (CT3, LONDON )
Thank you for your course. I must say that this is the best course that I have attended…

Dr S Patel (CT2 Wale)
‘Thank you for a brilliant course. I learnt so much and the CASC practice was intensive and like the exams’ ..

Dr T Smith (staff grade Scotland)
‘The food was a great, people and environment was so stimulating and motivating, that I am sure this will help me pass the CASC’

Dr Cheryl Colquhoun-Hertfordshire
An invaluable aid to finding your feet with the CASC exam. This is a comprehensive and detailed book, easy to read, and I recommend you read it from cover to cover. I did and I passed the dreaded CASC.

Dear Dr Seshni
Many thanks for the wonderful book and the mock exam. I passed my membership exam and am very happy. I wanted to share this news with you.

Dr Ronan Kehoe
I found this book extremely comprehensive and detailed. I particularly found the past questions a great base for initiating discussion and practice with other trainees. I would stringly recommend this book to any psychiatrist not just trainees sitting the CASC. A valuable
reference book for my future career.

Dr Edwin Ugoh- Hertfordshire
Thank you for all your support .You have been a true friend. Your book is fantastic. Just got my results .I passed in 15 stations.

Dr Chandan Aladakatti- Birmingham
I had opportunity to read the book and also meet Seshni in person before my CASC. She is an enthusiastic person and I am not surprised that her book is excellent too. She has not left any stone untouched in her book.The book helps the reader to get an idea about most of the exam stations, the areas to cover and possible structure to perform. It was a good companion for my preparations and I can confidently recommend others. I passed the exam
Many thanks


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Email. info@easternpsychcourse.co.uk

Dr P. L

I have received your book today – it looks fantastic and hopefully it will prove to be a very useful tool for passing CASC. Dr C C
Got the book! Thanks, looks much better than the other books I’ve used in past!

Dr M. M
Just to say that I received your book today . I am looking forward to read it .

Dear Dr Moodliar..the materials are exceptional!


Excellent book, 12 Oct 2012
By S.A – See all my reviewsThis review is from: Pass the CASC for MRCPsych (Paperback)
Very useful.Musthave.detailed with lots of past questions. Surely useful for practise and also a good read.Seshni has done a great job with this book. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews.

Very useful all-in-one CASC book!!, 12 Oct 2012
By SB “Shekar” (London) – See all my reviewsThis review is from: Pass the CASC for MRCPsych (Paperback)
I have attempted CASC few times and on all previous occasions, when I start my preparation, I used think where should I start? I used to struggle and some how I used to start reading some topics from Cambridge course, Oxford course, SPMM course but in the end I used to feel, have I completed all the topics???

This time I used “Pass the CASC” by SeshniMoodliar, like a guide and started preparing topic by topic and referred other books as well to strengthen my “depth and range”. Me being an overseas graduate, I needed to concentrate on my communication skills. There were several sentences in the book that were really useful to help my communication skills. I started to use these sentences appropriately in my day to day practice and then these sentences came out naturally and automatically in the CASC which helped my empathetic skills and fluency.
Over all, a very useful companion for CASC preparation. I would highly recommend this book and mind you, after reading this book – practice, practice, practice the stations and that’s how you can fully utilise the benefits of this book. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews.

Must have for everyone going for exam!, 12 Oct 2012
By Neil – See all my reviewsThis review is from: Pass the CASC for MRCPsych (Paperback)
I thought it was really comprehensive & helped me to build up my stock of questions! As someone for whom English is not the mothertongue I found the book extremely helpful to frame my questions right & I am sure other people will agree with me on this one. The authors & the editor had done a commendable job.

Every prospective exam candidate should have one.

5.0 out of 5 stars invaluble resource, 10 Oct 2012
By Feroza – See all my reviewsThis review is from: Pass the CASC for MRCPsych (Paperback)
A must have book for anyone sitting the CASC exam. It is is scenario specific and covers a wide range of past exam stations. Easy to read and summaries/flashcards at end of each scenario are very useful.

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